Thursday, 16 July 2009

Recapturing the spirit

A little mermaid is on her way after a short break from creating.

Sometimes we all have those dull moments, creative funks,when although our minds are still bursting with ideas and plans we either don't have the time to play with the clay or we can't find whatever it is that drives our passion. The fantasy folk are calling me once again and that pesky Sock Monster is back munching through the sock basket and inviting her friends over too!!! Well my mermaid is wanting some red or turquoise ....theres a dilema.

I have been doing some research on the new Tim Burton adaptation of Alice in Wonderland due out in 2010. It looks spectacular and some of the screen shots I have seen are truely inspiring. The interpretation of the characters are charming especially The Queen and Tweedle Dee and Dweedle Dum, although Johnny Depps Mad Hatter looks a little scary!


  1. Hi. Found you through Debie. Welcome to blogland!
    Love your work and sock people. I especially loved your fathers day fairy and the pumpkin fairy, and the snotilator. Brilliant ideas!
    Nikki x

  2. I am looking forward to the caterpillar, Alan Rickman mmmmmmm LOL Cant wait to see your new sculpts hunny xxxx

    Debie xxx

  3. Jane, So good to see you here. You have some fantastic work here,looking forward to following you. Jain xxxxxxx